Prints - Milepost Portraits

prints, negatives, & retouching

High-resolution digital negatives are available for a fee. These files will be delivered on a USB. The digital negatives will be proof quality. Proof quality images are edited for color correction, contrast adjustments, tonal adjustments, cropping, and straightening. The proof images are used for online galleries and negatives. Print quality custom prints include a variety of techniques to create my interpretation of the perfect print. Steps taken may include but are not limited to: realistic retouching, blemish removal, selective toning of colors and color enhancements, removal of distracting elements, etc. Custom paper prints are printed on professional-grade Kodak Supra Endura "lustre" paper. This paper has a slight gloss, a subtle texture, and is thicker than consumer paper. Printing is handled through a professional lab renowned for their color accuracy and consistency. Wrapped canvases and cards are also available for purchase.

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